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Bringing Kenyan history alive through literature


Horizon Publications Limited is a new publisher that brings Kenyan history alive through the writings of a learned author that has conducted meticulous research and produced works that will raise as many questions as it brings answers. The questions will bring into focus the gaps that previous historical accounts missed - questions as to the completeness of the information that was shared; questions as to why certain subject matter was omitted; and, questions as to the motives of the authors, and who was influencing them.


One of the works is published and immediately available for sale in electronic form on the Internet soon. All of the books are based on fact, although fact-based speculation plays a part in weaving the plots. As the stories develop, hitherto avoided subjects are raised, and solutions to previously unanswered mysteries are explored. Each book is a thrilleró thrillers that keep those interested in Kenyan history on the edge of their seats.

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