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Text Box: Corridors of British Colonial Injustice

Senior Chief Waruhiu-wa-Kungu served the British Crown with diligence, wisdom and integrity. He was viewed as one of the most loyal of the Crown’s subjects and treated as such— a leader of colonial Kenya and one for the future. His life was cut short while in the line of duty. Who did it and  what was the motive?


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The year was 1952, a time of political turmoil as Kenya's struggle for independence gained momentum. Senior Chief Waruhiu was a veteran of the Kenya Colonial Administration. He was a tall, hefty man in his early sixties. Seated in the rear left side of his black Hudson saloon car, the chief cut a regal, imposing figure.

Turning over gently in his mind we thoughts of demands made to him the night before by emissaries of the nationalist Mau Mau movement. The demands were challenging but not unusual, and the energetic chief was in good spirits. If he had any premonition of the violent death about to cut short his life, his face certainly did not show it.

The chief's son, Samuel Waruhiu, was a law student in Wales when the shocking, unprecedented news of his father's death reached him via the BBC radio. He came back to Kenya several years later and settled into a successful legal career.

Over the years, his suspicions grew that the two men convicted and executed for his father's murder were not the perpetrators. He finally located and read the original trial transcripts, and talked to various people with first hand knowledge of the crime. This book is a summation of his findings and a stunning indictment of the colonial British Justice system.

Available in select bookshops, and in Kindle editions from
Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Available in select bookshops, and in Kindle editions from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

Corridors of British Colonial Injustice

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